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Over 16 years experience in the industry & Since 2014 K9 Inspectors Inc has been making companies across Vancouver & all of BC, BEDBUG SAFE! 

Vancouver Independent Bed Bug Dog Inspection Service

We are Vancouver’s largest independent Bed Bug Detection Company, completely impartial with no conflicts of interest. Our independence is similar to that of a home inspector who is separate from the builder or realtor when inspecting a home. We uphold the highest standard in K9 bed bug inspections and are not affiliated with any pest control company.

K9 Inspectors is fortunate to have some of the most experienced Bed Bug Detection specialists in British Columbia. Our K9 handlers are the two most experienced K9 bed bug teams in BC, each with a decade of experience as K9 bed bug handlers. We are also unique in having expertise in both bed bugs and pest control, which enables us to ensure effective communication with your preferred pest control company.

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How We Help Property Managers

We offer Proactive & Reactive Bed Bug Inspection Services for property managers looking to keep the buildings they run Bed Bug Safe. Some Organizations we work with not only include Buildings & Hotels across BC, but also include many Medical, Clinics, Mental Health, Safety, & Workplace Organizations. The key to eliminating bed bugs is a proper inspection. In order to eliminate the problem quicker and more effectively, let us inspect your property to determine which areas and rooms are infested.

Sometimes you might not have Bed Bugs, but if you do, we will assist your pest control specialist by eliminating the guess work in making sure they treat the infested areas to help reduce the need for additional treatments. Our detection services will also help to eliminate or minimize the need to pay for treatment in rooms that are not affected.

Who Else We Serve

The use of a highly trained Bed Bug Dog Detection team is an eco-friendly and green inspection.There are no pesticides or insecticides used during our Bed Bug Dog Inspections. Bed Bug Dog Detection teams can accurately detect the scent of live bedbugs and viable bedbug eggs with up to 95% accuracy. Our bed bug removal products are environment-friendly.

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