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Over 16 years experience in the industry & Since 2014 K9 Inspectors Inc has been making companies across Vancouver & all of BC, BEDBUG SAFE! 

Our K9 Bed Bug Inspection Company Services

K9 Inspectors is a fully certified K9 bedbug inspection company serving Vancouver, all of the Lower Mainland, and even Whistler, BC. We are independent & not associated with a pest management company. Although we are not associated with pest control companies, we do have experience working with pest control companies to mitigate any potential issues we might detect.

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Are Bed Bugs a Threat?

Bed Bugs are now reaching endemic levels in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, according to a website called the Bed Bug Registry. Users have registered numerous complaints about bed bugs in dozens of apartment, high-density condo communities, and low rent areas.

You can’t be too cautious when it comes to bed bug. Whether you own, rent, or manage a property, you’ll appreciate not only the accuracy but also the discretion of K9 Inspectors. After a clean inspection, our customers are given true peace of mind — and they learn in the process helps them maintain bed bug free status.

Don’t be fooled by a clean, well kept home – bed bugs can be anywhere!

Buying a New Home?

Looking to buy a new condo or rent an apartment? No matter how new or posh the condo or apartment seems, you need to make sure it is bed bug free before you buy the home or sign a lease. One call and our K9 Inspectors can inspect your new property to make sure you don’t end up in a new condo or apartment with an old bed bug problem.

K9 Inspectors can even inspect your moving companies truck you are going to use before you give them your belongings to make sure bed bug eggs or larvae do not get into your furnishings.

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